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AC Developments, LLC is an Oklahoma Corporation headquartered in Waukomis, Oklahoma at 226 S. Main. The two principals of the company are Richard T. Anderson and B. Gene Anderson (first cousins). Both men were born and raised in Waukomis. Their grandfather, Fred, immigrated from Sweden at age 18 and made his way to Oklahoma territory making the land run in Kingfisher county in 1889. He sold that property and moved to Waukomis in the late 1890’s. He married his wife (grandmother to the Anderson boys) who was a mail order bride and they raised 6 children on their farm west of Waukomis where Gene lives today.

The two formed AC Developments in 2006. The business is primarily asset management, home building, and real estate development. They own and are developing Chisholm Trail Estates in Waukomis which is a 40 acre residential home development.

AC Developments, LLC purchased an 80 acre site in Enid in 2012 with a vision to create and build a unique RE Development which includes single family, multi-family, and commercial real estate in a beautiful park setting where people in the community can live, work, and play together.