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The Development

The VISION for Stonebridge Village at the corner of Chestnut and Cleveland in Enid, Oklahoma became a reality when AC Developments, LLC. purchased the 80 acre site in 2012. The Gau family owned this property since the 60’s and made it their home with a large ranch-style house and grassy meadows for horses–a beautiful acreage in the center of Enid.

The VISION is to transform this empty space into developed land for all to use, and to provide even more new growth opportunities for the community.  AC Developments engaged a professional land planner to help in developing this VISION of a new development concept for Enid, and the City of Enid has been very cooperative in these efforts.

The concept is a combination of commercial, single family residential and upscale multi-family residential with a six-acre lake setting in the middle for all to enjoy.  These three areas including the lake will cover fifty acres in a village setting where people can LIVE-WORK-PLAY. Plans for the lake include a walking trail around it with beautiful landscaping in a park-like setting. People from all three areas of the Village will have access to this wonderful recreational space.  The 15-acre upscale & gated multi-family apartment complex will have access from the west side of Cleveland. It will feature 1-2 & 3 bedroom apartments, a swimming pool, club house and covered parking.

The 16-acre commercial site will provide approximately 75,000 sq. ft. of multi-use tenants including the new 40,000 sq. ft. Wal-Mart Neighborhood grocery, fuel, and drive-up pharmacy. Other planned tenants will be a medical facility, a strip center for multiple stores including a meat specialty shop, office complex buildings, and hopefully a restaurant on the corner of Chestnut and Cleveland. All of the commercial area will have a homogenous Texas Hill Country exterior appearance. Access to this area will be from Chestnut and Cleveland entrances and exits with ample parking spaces and landscaping.

The 17-acre single family residential area will include 71 lots which are planned to be available for sale by the fall of 2015. These lots will be minimum 10,000 sq. ft. and will have protective covenants including minimum 1,800 sq. ft. homes.

The City of Enid has approved plans to enlarge and improve the intersection at Cleveland & Chestnut beginning in 2015. The City is also planning to improve Cleveland to 4-lanes from the intersection to the railroad track with a boulevard. They will also improve the area north of the lake to Rolling Oaks with a water detention area with a park-like setting.

Enid America—a great place to live!

A lot is happening in Enid and NW Oklahoma starting with an oil & gas boom. Horizontal drilling has resulted in doubling and tripling of land and mineral prices over the last 10 years. At the same time, in 2014 alone, there will be $1.4 billion in new business coming to town including:

  • $1 Billion expansion of Koch Nitrogen Plant with an additional 50 full time employees
  • $175 Million Breckenridge Wind Farm
  • New downtown Hilton Garden Inn connected to Enid Event Center

All of this growth is the equivalent of building 2 DEVON TOWERS!
In addition, Enid’s retail sales have increased by almost 200 Million over the past three years,
and Enid is expected to have 2000-3000 workers in town over the next several years.
All of this is resulting in :

  • Population growth
  • Improving lifestyles for families
  • A growing economy for Enid

AND, a strong housing demand!
The recently released Housing Study cites a need for several hundred houses and several hundred apartments over the next several years. Stonebridge Development is poised to take advantage of this unprecedented economic upturn. Stonebridge Development quick facts:

  • 80 acres were purchased in 2012 (formerly knows as the Gau property).
  • The property lies on the corner of Chestnut and Cleveland—
    between Oakwood Country Club and Downtown Enid.
  • The vision is for a new residential and commercial concept in Enid that is
    patterned after Stonebridge of Edmond.
  • It will be a combination of single family, multi-family, and commercial
    shops & offices—placed in a park-like setting.
  • A place where people can LIVE-WORK-PLAY in the same area.

City of Enid Involvement:
North end (27 acres) is owned by City. Area is for water detention and a park-like setting.
Improvements planned by City:

  • Intersection of Cleveland & Chestnut
  • 4-lane Cleveland from Chestnut to railroad track
  • Boulevard planned on Cleveland
  • Rolling Oaks & Cleveland